Andrii Shcherbak


Educated: Lviv National Academy of Arts. Department of Restoration, Exhibited his paintings through Ukraine

Since 2002 Co-author, design artist, animator, character design  and environment artist    


2002-2004 Documentary Film Studio “Halychyna-Film”. Animation artist.

2004-2006 Boston Animation Studio. Animation artist at Disney Games, Everquest game projects, leading animation artist at “Final fantasy” game project.

2006 Indie game project Aziris Nuna. Co-author, design artist, animator.

2007-2010 Vogster Entertaiment Studio.Character design artist, environment artist at CrimeCraft online game project.

2009-2010 Indie online game The Goddess. Co-author, design artist.

2010-2011 Crytek. Character design  and environment artist at Warface game project.

2011 Graphic novella “Bleedout”. Color artist, illustrator.

2011-2012 Orneon Studio. Character design and environment artist. “Agency of anomalies 3”, the computer game.

2012-2014  210 Good Deeds Animation Studio. Character artist, story-board artist at 210 Good Deeds animation film.

210 Good Deeds, the book. Illustrator.

2014 Personal art project – the book of Huha Mohovynka by Vasyl Koroliv-Staryi. Illustration and design artist.

2014-2016 Panama Gran Prix Animation Studio. Character artist at Nicky Tanner animation film.