Olena Kasavyna

After graduation from the Architectural Department of Kiev Art Academy worked in the specialty for seven years. In 1988 made her debut as a scriptwriter and director creating miniature film “The Most Beautiful” from “We – women” collection.

In 1991 created together with Eduard Kirich a script, and in 1993 directed a 31 –minute film based on Jewish folklore “Bobe-Mayses” (Grandma’s tales)

Director & Scriptwriter:

1988 – “The Most Beautiful” (“We - Women” collection, Sponsor Prize of IAFF “KROK-89”, Kiev; Jury Diploma of IFF “Molodost-89”, Kiev; Jury Diploma of the 1st All-Union Festival “Debut” 1990, Moscow)

1993 – “Bobe-Mayses” (Jury Prize of Women-Filmmakers IFF 1993, Minsk; Jury Prize of IAFF “KROK-93”, Kiev; National Film Award “St. Anna”, 1995, Moscow)

1997 - “Princess” – animated music video of Ruslana

2002 - “Firefly”- animated music 3D video based of The Jewish song about Hanukkah

2013 - “Imagine”

2015 - “Two short fairy tales”