In A Circle


Valeriy is a street musician, who came to Kyiv during Euro 2012. He decided to play in an electric street railway, which was set especially for championship. This is the snow-white train, decorated with logos and symbolics of the greatest sport event. People in the train are busy with their problems. We see some of passengers are going mad because of them. Musician is a chance for them to take a break from ordinary life and feel happy or go mad much more. Valeriy is on his way. During several days in Kyiv he must make a special Indian flute and sell it to go on his journey.  He aspires music of this magic flute touches everyone.

Andrey Litvinenko 
was born in 13.09.1985. Graduated from Kyiv National I.K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and TV University, director of feature film department. Take part in the Polish-Ukrainian Project-Workshop “Peace from dawn to dusk”.   
Films: “Grace” 5 min, 2008; “The Clown and the Dragon”, 7 min. 2009; “Terra Futura” 7 min, 2009; “The Middle yours” 10 min, 2010; “The Gardens house” 5 min., 2010; “Kyiv from dawn to dusk” 45 min., 2001 Pol/ Ukr.

Beyond Euro

12 min


Magika Film