From The Roof

"On the roof", with wind and doves, under heavy wires and rusty SAT. This is a 10 minutes length short film, made on the roof of Kyiv skyscraper. Pavlo Zubyuk looks on the city from this point. Here he reads poems to his friends and drinks evening coffee. From the roof you can see the Olympic Stadium, eurofans, patrol helicopters, police and domestics cats. Its another Kyiv and different point of view on Euro. 

Geographer, a former political analyst and young poet Pavlo doesn’t believe in the radiant future of his country. He often meets sunset on the roof, and in the summer sometimes spends nights there. This film is a portrait of one person, who thinks Football Cup wouldn’t change anything in Ukrainian’s life, because most of the people around are pessimistic, but would he stay pessimistic too?


Tetiana Kharchenko 

Master of Ukrainian philology and folklore (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv).

Tetiana Kharchenko was the editor-in-chief at the Ukrainian web-site focused on mediabusiness. She is a recipient of a Fulbright Graduate Student Award. She is a student of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Wake Forest University (North Carolina, US) the Documentary Film program, which is starting this fall.

Beyond Euro

11 min