IX Docudays UA is to be held from 23 to 29 March

IX International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights Docudays UA is to be held from 23 to 29 March in Dim Kino and "Kinopanorama" cinema. 
Win every day!Because this world is not for recreation and entertainment. 

Every good deed brings you to victory!

Over evil, injustice, indifference, violence - all ugly things that are in the world.Any victory, even the least, tempers and makes you stronger. 
So with all the festival team, at the top of our voices, we call: “Win every day!”Our symbol is winner This year we updated the logo of Docudays UA. 
Now our symbol is the weightlifter, strong, persistent and purposeful.Every day he lifts heavy weight - a sign of victory over self, over life circumstances - for any government, in any weather.
Ukrainian filmmakers also lift their everyday “weight” over all adverse circumstances in the cinema. 
And Ukrainian human rights activists lift their everyday “weight”to establish human rights in Ukraine as well. Let’s raise our “weight” over all that is not really able to stop the true winner!Why Docudays UA + street art. What does unite us?We looked at the social space from a different point of view. We appreciate the dialogue with the viewer.Images of street art bear the emotional charge and concept load. Intriguing and forced to thinking.Street art is a reaction to current events in the life of the country and the world. This is author’s reflection.The things you will not find in museums. Here is the experiment with the medium. It is built on the freak of outlined images with the buildings’ surfaces.Here is placed and at the same time clash contrast images of art and urban space. Our scope is society, our territory - documentaries.We see the picture on the wall, the first reaction - interest, then we are eager to take aerosol and draw smile or add an important word, creating a new message.Docudays UA invites everybody to actions, invites to creative work, invites in cinemas to watch live non-format, important films that are never screen on TV or in the Internet.