MaGiKa Film titles in Cannes

Come and ask us about new film titles:
MaGiKa Film release Youth documentary almanac Beyond Euro

And future length documentary films in production 
Dybbuk, dir. Krzysztof Kopchinsky, Dop  Jacek Petricky, Producer Krzysztof Kopchinsky, co-producer Gennady Kofman, Production: Eureka Media (Polish) with co-production: The National Cinematheque of Ukraine, MaGiKa Film 

Honey Hunters, by Krystian Matysek, (author of ‘With Beak and Claw’, ‘Secrets of Love’, ‘Lord of Carpatians’)
A new green documentary about people loving bees. The mystery of wild honey.

Produced by: Arkana Studio Dorota Roszkowska, ARTE G.E.I.E., Telewizja Polska S.A., National Cinematheque of Ukraine, MaGiKa Film, Ethnogeographic Research Foundation 
Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute, State Film Agency of Ukraine, MEDIA A Polish/French/Ukrainian/Russian co-production, 56 / 72 ‘