UA:First TV Channel to Rerun Ostap Kostiuk’s “The Living Fire”

On October 27 at 22:50 film expert Lukian Galkin will speak of “The Living Fire” documentary in his authorial TV show “How to watch movies”. The film is scheduled to begin at 23:40.

Ostap Kostiuk’s documentary “The Living Fire” became one of the most praised and commercially successful modern documentaries in Ukraine. The visually flawless story of the Carpathian shepherds was a great success with viewers and was praised at numerous Ukrainian and international film festivals. UA:First was the first channel to present it to Ukrainian TV audience in November 2016.

This year the film expert, editor-in-chief of the “Moviegram” online magazine Lukian Galkin dedicates one of the first airing of his TV show “How to watch movies” to “The Living Fire”. From now on, every week on UA:First TV Channel you will be able to learn news about world film premieres set to open in Ukrainian theaters, about great directors, genre features, best book-to-film adaptations, important events in the world of cinema, international and Ukrainian film festivals etc.

On October 27 at 22:50 on “How to watch movies” TV show Lukian Galkin will talk to director of “The Living Fire” Ostap Kostiuk, who will tell the audience about working on new projects and present his new film. The show will be rerun on Saturday, October 28, at 15:40.