On May 9, Europe Day, a large-scale EU Youth Cinema film project was launched, which in two years plans to show young people from all over the world outstanding European films on topics like sustainability, climate protection and social responsibility.

However, it is not only global environmental problems that are now threatening humanity.On a closer and more realistic theme to the agenda is the war in Ukraine, which is impossible ignore or forget. Therefore,  in solidarity with the Ukrainian people  the animated ballad The Prychynna was involved in the program. From May 9 to May 31, the film will be available free of charge worldwide to anyone through the project website at www.euyc.green. After this period, the film will be available to schoolchildren and students of Europe for another 2 years.
According to director Andriy Shcherbak, the context of the animated ballad about a couple in love, doomed to separation, madness and death by war, changed after Russia's invasion of Ukraine: "Viewers who saw photos from Irpin, Bucha or Mariupol will perceive this film differently. Causal illusions and horrible assumptions have become an objective reality. War, violence, death - it's all happening here and now. "

Viewers from Europe will also be able to donate to the DOCU / HELP project, created by the team of NGO Docudays and the International Documentary  Film Festival on Human Rights  Docudays UA.The money raised will help to tell the world about Russia's crimes in Ukraine, support directors who document the war, and to acquaint mankind with modern Ukrainian culture.

The film was created by MaGiKa Film Company with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.