A screening of a film about Ukrainian shepherds took place in the Bulgarian capital as part of the OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival.

On May 25, Ostap Kostyuk's documentary about three generations, mountains, the fading profession, the beauty of the Carpathians, and the people appeared on the big screen at the Sofia Cinema.

The special Ukrainian program is another global action in support of our people who are fighting for Independence in various ways. Some are at the front, and some are in the rear.
These films gave an opportunity to those who have not been there to get to know Ukraine, to feel the peculiarities of Donbass, Zakarpattia or Bessarabia, which will be opened to the audience thanks to the directors. Also during the screenings in the walls of the Sofia Cinema House a special photo exhibition was held, which revealed the beauty of the regions represented in the program.

The film The Living Fire was created by MaGiKa Film Company with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.