One Day and The Whole Life. Valentyn Silvestrov

Script: Serhiy Bukovski, Victoria Bondar
Director: Serhiy Bukovski


“If you ask me the name of the contemporary composer, I would call the name of Silvestrov first and foremost. He is definitely the most interesting composer of our time, even if the mass audience will realize it later” (Arvo Pärt, Estonian composer)

The documentary film “One day and the whole life” dedicated to Ukrainian composer Valentyn Silvestrov has nothing in common with a traditional biopic about a prominent person. It is an observation, a confession and, first of all, the story of great talent at the background of uncertain times. Of course, authors pay due attention to the composer’s creative techniques: avantgarde of the 60s, which had not much respect at the times of socialist realism, postmodernism (his main obsession during the 1970s), metaphorical music and the contemporary pieces, which charm the audience all around the world.

The main thing for us is to record and preserve the atmosphere of our meetings and conversations with Valentyn Silvestrov. He was so generous to give us some presious time. And the most important things are behind the words. (Serhiy Bukovskiy)

140 min. (2 films х 70 min.)


Autumn 2019

Financial support:
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine