V. Silvestrov

Script: Serhiy Bukovski, Victoria Bondar
Director: Serhiy Bukovski


The documentary “Silvestrov,” dedicated to this brilliant Ukrainian composer, is far from a traditional biopic about a prominent person. It is an observation, a confession and, most of all, a story of great talent set against the backdrop of uncertain times.

Of course, film authors pay tribute to the composer’s creative techniques: avantgarde of the 1960s, forced into underground at the times of socialist realism, postmodernism (his main obsession during the 1970s), metaphorical music and contemporary pieces that charm audiences around the world. But it is also a personal story of a genius mind with its oddity, curiosity and emotional depth

140 min. (3 films х 45 min.)



Autumn 2020

Financial support:
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine