Director Serhiy Bukovskiy

Serhiy Bukovskiy graduated from the Film Department of the Karpenko-Karyi Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Arts. After serving in the Soviet Army, he worked at the Ukrainian documentary film studio for more than a decade. During his 35-year film career, Bukovsky made approximately 40 films. Some of them received awards at prestigious international film festivals: LeipzigDOK (Germany), Oberhgauzen IFF (Germany), Krakow IFF (Poland), Vision du Real (Nion, Swiss), IDFA (Netherland) , Margaret Maid IFF (New York, USA), Molodist IFF (Ukraine), Odesa IFF (Ukraine). His films were also awarded by Ukrainian TV Prize “Teletriumph” and Ukrainian Film Academy prize “Zolota Dzyga”. Now he works as an independent director. Five years ago he founded The Serhiy Bukovskiy Film Programm for upcoming Ukrainian directors.