The Stolen Moon. KUM

Script and director: Olga Zakharova

 Сhildren's fairy tale

This is a Christmas adventure. The history of Love, Goodness, Bravery and Honor, imbued with the spirit of Ukrainian legends about the Kozaks, images of Christmas family traditions and holidays.The Ukrainian village, which lives its quiet and peaceful life, comes alive on the Christmas eve - fills with songs, music, the spirit of delicious bakeries and holiday.

Kozak Vasil with the children adjusts the Christmas star so that in the evening the children could congratulate the godparents with carols. Vasyl's wife, Katerina, is preparing festive dinner at the stove. Lonely, aloof from the community in the village lives the Kozak-Kharakternik Godfather.

No one, even Baba Karpykha, who spreads gossip in the village, does not know who he was and where he came from. Chunky stature of Kuma and his loneliness makes adults of the village fear him, but not the children.  But they are more interested than scary. In fact, a long time ago ....

24 min



Financial support:
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine