National Museum

Conceived, directed by Andrei Zagdansky


“Museum” is a portrait of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the gray neoclassical building that stores, preserves and exhibits Ukrainian art and Ukrainian history as well.

For half a year filmmakers observed and documented the inner life of the museum – from installation and subsequent removal of the exhibition of the XVII century icons from the communist demolished monastery to the exhibition of Alexander Bogomazov, the unknown to the world genius of Ukrainian avant-garde.

The narrative arc of the film goes from the Ukrainian Baroque to the Ukrainian avant-garde and echoes both the story of the Ukrainian art and the history of Ukraine.

“There are so many reasons why I was drawn to this project. My love for the Ukrainian avant-garde goes way back to my student’s years. But besides personal and sentimental, I believe that in modern societies museums, and libraries, are becoming the new secular temples. Not incidentally we whisper in both places. They are new spiritual sanctuaries. Exploring a major national museum in a documentary is like creating an intimate and personal portrait of a nation. And in case with Ukraine, a nation in transition”. (Andrei Zagdansky)

90 min


MaGiKa-Film (Ukraine),
AZ Films (USA)

Expected release
Autumn 2019

Financial support:
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine