Script: Roman Shyrman, Semen Sluchevskyi
Director: Roman Shyrman


His parents dreamed of him to be a scientist, intellectual or artist. But he kicked around the leather ball and upset them with inappropriate, in their view, hobby.

Oleh Bazylevych, the favorite forward of Kyiv Dynamo fans, could have remained just a player in the history of Ukrainian football. But he decided to become a coach. And it was the beginning of the new page for him.

Oleh Bazylevych had always compared the coaching job to the film directing. He called his training theory The System.

He achieved great success and international recognition together with his friend and colleague Valeriy Lobanovsky. Dynamo was becoming the best team in the world under the guidance of Kyiv coaches, without the help of outsourcing Brazilian players. Both of them were considered to be the best football coaches on the Earth!

But suddenly he lost his friends and job. After a while Bazylevych became the coach of Tashkent Pakhtakor. Thanks to the instructions of the beginner coach with a scientific approach, the team had outdone itself. But the whole team died in the plane crash soon. Oleh Bazylevych took the other flight and became the only survivor.

The story of Bazylevych’s life reminds the action novel with its dangerous rises, terrific falls, extraordinary voyages, and mystery adventures.

65 min




Financial support:
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine